Assessment and certification of personnel
Technology assessment, certification and staff development offered by Meteor Consulting, an independent examination of the conformity of the target group requirements and standards as determined by the status of development of basic competencies.
Auditing Standards Sales
Independent Audit – it's high quality standards and excellent discipline. Meteor Consulting provides services in auditing standards in automotive sales dealerships to order general importer of automotive companies in Russia.
Mystery Shopping / Calling (Mystery Shopper)
Technology Mystery Shopping / Mystery Calling to rapidly assess the quality of sales and services in the automotive service sector, which is a major factor in the fierce competition for customers.
Trainings and seminars
Training in the auto business today – is the most advanced instrument of its development. Continuous improvement of service quality standards is impossible without considering the growth requirements and expectations. Vocational training in auto but its development is also a major factor in its
  1. motivation
  2. the discipline and
  3. liability.
Salary Surveys
An analysis of wages in industry or business segment is necessary for planning the level of salaries of employees, development of compensation package, career planning, developing effective schemes the material and immaterial compensation, creating and maintaining a personnel reserve.

About Us

The company “Meteor Consulting” was founded in Moscow in 1995, offers a full range of consulting services in the field of personnel management, as well as supporting the development and implementation of integrated approaches to address all issues related to the effective management of personnel.


Meteor Consulting in BMW
In 2011, the year:
  1. Project on assessment and certification of personnel, sales (sales consultants and sales managers) of all the BMW dealerships in the Russian Federation with exacting standards and requirements of the BMW.
  2. Held “Audit marketing standards” in 53 DC BMW in Russia.
  3. Pilot project “Audit of marketing standards motorcycles BMW”.

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